112.05.20Learning Must Go OnTATA CLASS EDGEDr. S.Dijju
216.05.20Webinar MAC MILLANAparna Athreya
319.05.20Turning Reading into Creative WritingMAC MILLANCharlatte Rance
 20.05.20Teaching Young Learners OnlineMAC MILLANJoanne Ramden
423.05.20Effective Online TeachingMAC MILLANRaghuram
526.05.20Enhancing Spelling and Grammar Skills for Primary StudentsMAC MILLANS.Chand Group
627.05.20Evaluation and Assessment when Teaching OnlineMAC MILLANRussell Stannard
730.05.20Creation of PPT VideosS.P.D.S.COLLEGEDr. Shubhangi Patil
831.05.20Effective use of Teaching Tools and Methodologies for OnlineS.P.D.S.COLLEGEDr. Narendra Joshi
931.05.20Google Classroom for Professional LearningS.P.D.S.COLLEGEMrs. Bhavya Ahiya
1001.06.20Online Education Expanding the reach of classroom learningS.P.D.S.COLLEGEMr. Amit Chowdry
1101.06.20Virtual Classroom – The New NormalS.P.D.S.COLLEGEDr. Arjun Ghatule
1202.06.20Youtube Video and Blended ClassroomS.P.D.S.COLLEGEDr. Yogendra Pal
1303.06.20Hands on Training with MicrosoftS.P.D.S.COLLEGETeam Microsoft
1427.01.21How can we develop care for sustainabilityTIESSMrs. Leela Devi Dookun
1527.01.21How can we ensure that early learning provide the bestTIESSMs. Pooja Agarwal
1628.01.21From words to ActionTIESSMr. Koen Timmers
1728.01.21Do New Forms of Learning TIESSMrs. Anju Sharma
1827.01.21Where should we startTIESSProf. Mercedes Mayol Lassalle
1929.01.21How can we design Better LearningTIESS 
2030.01.21How might we find an appropriate balance TIESSDr. Ashwath Narayan
2130.01.21Vision for School Based LearningTIESSMs. Chelsea Waite