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Physical Quotient is a person’s ability to persevere. The famous dictum says “Healthy mind in a Healthy body.” Physical exercise is very essential to balance all other quotients. Human body must have within itself enough energy to last out the stress-filled journey. Therefore, the school focuses on physical development of the child through variety of games and sports.

  • Don Bosco School realize the goal of the integral education of pupils following the method of education of Don Bosco, which is based on the Christian vision of the  human person, of life and of the world. It strives to enable youth to be active participants in the transformation and progress of society.
  • Called by God to work for youth like their founder Don Bosco, the Salesians and all those working the them find themselves face to face with a really exciting  enterprise. They accept the youth at their own stages of development and see how they can help to accelerate their complete growth.
  • Don Bosco School strives to realize the nation’s ideals. This does involve several demands, even sacrifices. All teachers join together in working for the common goal of helping to form the youth into good citizens, worthy of God and worthy of our nation.
  • Don Bosco School is non-elitist and decidedly affirms its option for the most needy youth. As full time school, it aims at blending work and study with artistic, recreational, cultural, religious and a social activities, adopting the latest educational innovations with a view to helping pupils keep abreast of the cultural and technological progress in the contemporary world. The Don Bosco School strives to realize the ideals of complete education as epitomized by so many sages of our homeland.
  • Don Bosco School fosters the overall and maturity of its pupils primarily by :
    1. Helping each pupils to discover and improve his/her physical, intellectual and emotional gifts and developing his/her ethical sensitivity and sense of the Transcendent.
    2. Inculcating an appreciation of cultural values through exposure to our Indian cultural heritage, and arousing a social awareness with a view to helping youth to function in a responsible and constructive manner.
    3. Emphasizing liberty, justice, solidarity and peace, which are urgent, personal and social needs.
    4. Instilling religious values to help our pupils develop into mature persons who are able to achieve harmonious integration between religion and life.
    5. Inculcating a healthy respect for all religions. Helping the pupils to discover and realize their own goals in life.
  • Don Bosco School gives importance to planning and team effort. To attain these objective, the support of both pupils and their families is needed. Through a process  of continual self-assessment, the quality of the educative work and its ongoing adaptation to the concrete requirements of the pupils and their families is  evaluated and improved.
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