Donbosco School,Gunadala – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh …

History Of Institution

Don Bosco school, Carmel Nagar, Guandala began its starting keeping in mind the aim to enhance individual and good of the society. The School came to existence on 1st of April 2019. The prime motive of the school is to promote the integral development and rights of the person. It is to provide a personalized education to every pupils, so that they can become autonomous, responsible and capable of choosing freely, in conformity with their conscience. We, the educational institution of Don Bosco school in Vijayawada strive to offer integral formation to the young vis-a vis academics, cultural, god-experience, personal and social development and help them make the right choices in life.

Education has preparatory value and enables individuals to earn their livelihood or to make both ends meet in order to live happily and successfully. Education should aim at imparting knowledge, skill and information to the people in order to make them self-reliant not to be a dag or a parasite on others. Education is always to enhance one’s personal development and as for the good of society.

In tune to the signs of the times, Rev. Fr. Provincial Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar and his council had taken daring step to change the scope of  the community and started the school at Carmel Nagar, Gunadala. In the second year itself the educational system of Don Bosco attracted many parents and the school is excelling in every aspect of child’s development.

The school started with primary classes from Nursery to 5th . The total strength of the school for the academic year 2019-20 was 475. In the same year, through the instrumentality and hard work of Rev. Fr. Michael Kishore who pioneered as a Rector and correspondent of the school got the state recognition. Rev. Fr. Bhaskar is appointed as a first Principal of the school

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