Donbosco School,Gunadala – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh …


The school makes constant efforts to transform every student a good thinker. We have adopted the Preventive system which is the unique educative method developed by Don Bosco in the year 1846. It is based on three pillars: Reason, Godliness and Loving Kindness. The system of education in Don Bosco School CBSE, is in proportion to arriving at an integral education.

Outdoor Games


Indoor Games

Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, etc.,

Cultural Activities

Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Music etc.,


It includes Track and Field, Running, Jumping and Throwing.



House system was inaugurated in our school on 31st August 2022, to make our educative system very vibrant and creative. The Staff and Students were divided into four clubs

  1. Art & Cultural club
  2. Literary club
  3. Maths & Science club
  4. Sports and Games club

All the class activities, competitions and cultural events were conducted basing on this club system. Opportunities are provided to the students to take up leadership as school Pupil Leaders and Assistant School Pupil Leader, Class leaders, sports captains and vice captains, etc.

Regular opportunities are given for intellectual pursuits like Debates, Elocution and Essay Writing in English, Hindi and Telugu. Quiz and General Knowledge competitions are part of them.

Picnics and Excursions

Students are taken out for Class picnics to near-by places every year. It is compulsory for all the students of the class to participate in the same. Students of higher classes are taken out on educational tours with the permission of the education department and the parents. For all the class picnics and excursions the students are to wear their school uniform.

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