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Blessing of the New Don Bosco school & Inauguration of the Academic Year 13th July, 2019

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Blessing of the New Don Bosco School Building & Inauguration of The New Academic Year at Gunadala
Don Bosco School, Gunadala: 13th July, 2019: The new Don Bosco School building was blessed and the new academic year was inaugurated at Gunadala at 10.00 am on 13th July, 2019. The chief guest of the day was Most Rev Joseph Rajarao, Bishop of Vijayawada. All the students, parents and staff were present for the inaugural gathering. The programme began with a welcome dance followed by a presentation of the day’s event, folk dance, and the messages by the dignitaries.
Fr Rector and Correspondent of the School, Fr Garlapati Michael Kishore thanked the almighty God for all the blessings He had showered to begin a new school at Gunadala and welcomed the gathering especially the Chief Guest, Most Rev Joseph Rajarao, Bishop of Vijayawada. Fr Kishore welcomed Fr Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar, Salesian provincial of INH province, Fr Santiagu Thomas, Vice Provincial, Fr Jose Androth, Economer, Provincial Councillors, Priests, Religious present for this inaugural program. The dignitaries were felicitated instantaneously. He warmly welcomed all the Teachers, Parents and students.
Fr Thathireddy Vijaya Bhaskar, the Provincial of the Province of St Joseph, Hyderabad gave a two-fold message, to be Up-right citizens and to consider Education as a gift to be given to the young according the mind and heart of the founder Don Bosco. He congratulated the team effort invested to bring about a good shape of a school in a very short period of time which was a seminary. He thanked the leader of the community, Fr Garlapati Michael Kishore who was the man behind this dream and the timely support and guidance by Fr Androth, the Economer.
Fr Thomas Santiago, vice provincial, said that the Salesians work in about 136 countries. The system of education is to create honest and responsible citizens but the responsibility lies on both the school and parents.
The chief guest in his message mentioned that the students need to understand the term “Gurudakshina”  to learn to be grateful to the teachers who breathe life into their lives. It’s repaying one’s teacher or guru after a period of study or the completion of formal education, or an acknowledgment to a spiritual guide. The tradition is one of acknowledgment, respect, and thanks. It is a form of reciprocity and exchange between student and teacher. The repayment is not exclusively monetary and may be a special task the teacher wants the student to accomplish to learn for life and live an exemplary life. The Bishop thanked the Salesians for this endeavour in initiating this School with CBSE syllabus to impart knowledge and wisdom in the lives of the young in and around Gunadala, in the footsteps of Don Bosco. He too promised well-timed help and cooperation from the Diocese.  
Mr Sudheer was felicitated as he and his team helped to get the admissions to the school and to obtain necessary permissions from the Government. Similarly, Mr Malleswararao, the contractor too was felicitated. He and his team were thanked for construction and re-furnishing the building in a short time.
Fr Bhaskar, the Principal, proposed vote of thanks and fondly extended gratitude to each one by name for this great achievement of securing a new School and to inaugurate the scholastic year. The function concluded with the national anthem.Don Bosco School is truly an extraordinary conservatoire of learning. The Benevolent Management and talented staff provide each student with a rigorous standard of a high academic and behavioural expectation, equity and a solid foundation, for all-round development of a child and to be a successful citizen of India.

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