Donbosco School,Gunadala – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh …

Seven vivid colours unite to celebrate the school Annual day

“Great and marvelous are your works,O Lord God,The Almighty”- (Rev-15/3)

     Ding -dong,ding- dong bells; Don Bosco bells started to chime announcing the school Annual Day Celebrations . Don Bosco School is known for  its meticulous and innovative approach towards the holistic development of a child . The school curated the Second Annual Day  Function on 29th Jan ,2023 in the school premises to strengthen its deep rooted focus on basic elements  that need to be strengthened at the level of early childhood education.

               The school campus was  illuminated and decorated  with lights ,flags and flowers that feasted everyone’s eyes and a real festive mood was created. By 5:30 p.m. the crowd thronged in the campus. The whole campus reverberate d  with music and  lights.


          The four and half hour event brought to life the colors of childhood with programs ranging from dance, musical orchestra and biopics .The blazing performance with the theme based concepts were graced by the chief guest Shri S.Dilli Rao, IAS, Collector & Magistrate of NTR District and the guests of honour Rev.Fr. Santiagu Thomas, provincial Hyderabad province, Rev.Fr. Kishore, Correspondent and Vice provincial , and Smt.P.Sunita, corporator. The celebrants were  received with Aarti .The event was also adorned with priests and sisters from various religious communities, along with the parents of our students.

                  The celebrations started with the school theme song by the staff together with the principal, followed by lighting of the lamp. An apt introduction was given by Rev.Fr.Kishore to extend a warm welcome to all the dignitaries . The students accorded a warm welcome  to all by their rhythmic classical dance.

The brimming buddies welcomed the guests by their performances. The biopic on St. Mother Teresa regenerated the humanistic ideology among the audience.

 Rev. Fr. Pasala Bhaskar, Principal, presented the school Annual Report in a nut-shell  highlighting the achievements of the school in all spheres. It was followed by the felicitation program.

      The delighted chief guest Sri Dilli Rao,The collector, lavishly showered encomiums on the management for providing value based education and reminiscing about the past education curriculum .He congratulated the school on  upholding its motto :  Virtue- Knowledge -Excellence, in detail .He also applauded the staff and the students for their soul- stirring and awe inspiring performances. He instilled the idea of immortality through excellence,  be it in  any field by reminding Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam indomitable spirit and insisted the teachers to develop scientific temper, reasoning capacity and innovative ideas. Mrs. Sunita, the corporator acclaimed the strenuous work put forward by staff and management and spoke on women empowerment.

The biopic on Don Bosco reminded everyone his passion towards the youngsters.There was a  spectacular show of a 100 students dancing on rainbow colours, describing the importance of each colour.This show captured everybody’s attention.It was marvelous to see the tiny- tots captivating the attention of everyone and keeping the audience  spell bound. As the culmination, nearly 600 students rocked for various concepts like western dance, classical pot dance  and Rajasthani folk that amused and impressed the audience beyond expectations. The snake dance and the fishermen moments exhibited their exuberant performance to the masses. The parents were kept in cheer as for their children rocked the stage.The cultural event ended with a vibrant patriotic dance which was portrayed with 60 mts lengthed flag.

Don Bosco is a family where the management, coordinator, staff, helper- staff and parent community       all work in tandem to make something special and that is what is truly reflected in each child.

The celebration  ended with the vote of thanks, followed by the national anthem.

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