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Posted on January 12, 2020January 12, 2020 by admindbs

Don Bosco school celebrated Sankratnhi festival on 11th Saturday with the Theme: ‘SANKRANTHI SAMBARALU‘. The day has been very special with the following: 1. Bommala Koluvu: The beautiful stage was prepared and displayed all the toys brought and made by the children.

2. Haridasulu wishes: Haridasulu went around in the school campus and wishing students and parents Happy Sankranthi, this touched everyone’s heart.

3. Bogimantalu: At the centre of the ground Bobimantalu was prepared children and parents enjoyed dancing around the fire.

4. Sankrathi Muggulu: The Rangoli competition was organised for the women and 55 groups participated and winners were given School memento and gift.

5. Raithu Bazaar: The Raithu Bazaar has been the centre of attraction for all the parents as the students costumed with farmers clothes and sold the vegetables in the school with well prepared stalls. Nearly 1000 kgs of vegetables were sold out. The parents were actively participated buying the vegetables from the students.

6. Kite Making: The students prepared the kites with happy learning.

The whole campus of Don Bosco school has been very colourful and bright because the have come with traditional dress. The glorious happiness overwhelmed the campus, every heart of the child and parents filled with joy of sankranthi.

The management and staff worked hard to make the day memorable for the students and parents.

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