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Posted on January 10, 2022

 Don Bosco school CBSE, Carmel Nagar, Gunadala advanced the celebration of Sankranthi in the school with the Title: SANKRANTHI SANDADI on Monday (10-01-2022) ushered Sankranti festivities in a traditional way by letting their creativity flow with Rangoli and traditional patterns.

        Located in the midst of a concrete jungle the school was transformed into a rural setting. Girls dressed in traditional attire while boys donned the grab of Haridasu. The whole school is decorated with kites and Rangolis.

  1. Pongal

  Sankrathi Sandadi started with a sweet dish called Pongal. Pongal is a special dish prepared by the teachers with well decorated oven and distributed to the parents and students….

  1. Bhogi pandlu/Bhogi fruits

       Bhogi pandlu or Bhogi fruits is a mixture of jujebi (regi pandu). Bhogi fruits are showered on the heads of kindergarten students to protect them from the evil forces and to get them better health and prosperity. It is a type of solution for Nara Drishti and grah pida nivarana.

       Kids of kindergarten are showered with bogi pandlu by Rector father Kishore, Rev. Father James and Rev. Father Bhaskar and teachers and parents.

  1. Bommala koluvu

           As the name indicates the meaning of the Telugu word bommalu is dolls or toys and the meaning of Koluvu is showcase. Students are enjoyed in participating and gathering of toys in an array of steps.

  1. Rangoli

        Rangavalli muggu or Rangoli is a sign of invitation to welcome people and wealth into our homes.

       School conducted Rangoli competitions to the parents. Parents who participated and won the prizes from the school management.

  1. Bonfire/ Bhogi mantalu

         Waking up to foggy mornings, bundled up in warm woolens, cuddling up with your loved ones while sipping on a warm up of coffee, enjoying the warmth of bright bonfires.

         Rev. Fr. Kishore the correspondent, Rev. Fr. James and Rev. Fr. Bhaskar lit the Bonfire, as it is the most important ritual that quite literally makes you throw out the old by burning it. A bonfire is lit spreading warmth and gratefulness all around to mark this new beginning. This ritual is quite symbolic because it also emphasizes on letting go of all anger, hate and worries.

         The parents, students along with teachers and principal enjoyed the bonfire with special songs and dances around it.

  1. Raithu bazaar

          As Sankranti is a harvest festival for farmers, the school conducted Raithu bazaar event by our students. This resemblance the farmers hard work and nativity.

          Students enjoyed and learnt a lot by dressing up as a farmers and by selling vegetables.

        Parents and teachers also played an important role in Raithu bazaar by buying vegetables.

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