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Article on semi Christmas celebrations in Don Bosco school, Gunadala

" Joy to the World, The lord has come, let each receive her king…
Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, of him people believed him to be the “son of god”.
In Don Bosco School, Christmas Vibes started at the dawn of December. The children were extremely enthusiastic and fascinated to pray for each other. The classroom and corridors were decorated with traditional colours of Christmas – Red, green and gold balloons, stars and Christmas tree
The word ‘crib’ means ‘ Manger’ and refers directly to a text in the Bible which states that Jesus, at his birth was laid in a manger by his mother Mary. In our campus  crib was designed and decorated in a fantabulous way.
22nd December 2023……..
The day has arrived for which all were waiting to celebrate ‘semi Christmas’. The   entire school was filled with colours of love, devotion and excitement. Mrs. Hemlata the class teacher of 10th Jasmine has started the program by welcoming the gathering.
It is true that the same message can be found in all the holy books. They always convey the common good for the world. As is it the tradition of the school, the birth of God was taken from three holy books: The Bible, The Bhagavath Geetha and The Quran.
Rev. Rector Fr. Bhaskar along with Rev. Fr. James, Rev. Fr. Joji Thambi and Rev. Fr. Micheal started the program with the blessing of crib and followed by candle process. The Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life”, it was proved by the astonishing dance of Preprimary students and Kuchipudi. After which the students of 08th and 09th class students marvelously depicted the birth of Jesus through the skit. The best way to spread Christmas is to sing aloud to reach the holy heart.” To prove that, teachers sang a melodious Telugu song with their beautiful movements. “Dance is the rhythm of life and Bharatanatyam is the perfect embodiment of the rhythm”. It was shown by the students of class 2nd with their marvelous chance in traditional attire.
The Chief guest of today’s event, Rev. Fr. Joji Thambi has delivered spiritual message to the students with his cheerful words. The secret of success good leadership. A good leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. On that successful day our Rev. Rector and Principal Fr. Bhaskar has given his entabulous speech as his Christmas message.
It is always considered to be an important part of any ceremony as it eventually effects the entire function and expresses it more effectively.” To conclude the program Mrs. Usha Rani proposed the vote of thanks.

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