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Sankranti Celebration at Don Bosco CBSE school Gunadala

Sankranti celebration at Don Bosco CBSE school Gunadala

Soaring High at Don Bosco sankranthi sandadi celebration!

The students of Don Bosco witnessed an enchanting day of festivities to mark Sankranti Sandadi celebration. It was a Kaleidoscope of colours, culture and joy on 12/01/2024.

Colourfully designed Rangoli and kites around the corridors of the classrooms.

Girls dressed in traditional attires like Langavoni and boys wore Dothi and Angarastram and Garb of Haridasu compared to Sage Narada

Bhogi pandlu or Bhogi fruits is a mixture of (Jujubi) regipandlu/ flower petals,coins, jaggery, pieces of sugarecane and senagalu are showered on the heads of Kindergarten students to protect them from evil eye and bless them with material abundance and long life.

Rev: Fr. Bhaskar, teachers and parents showered the kindergarten children with bogi pandlu

Bommala Koluvu: It is the festive display of dolls and figurines in South India during the autumn season parents and students enjoyed in gathering and having a showcase of toys in an array of steps.

Rangoli: Rangoli represents happiness positivity, and liveliness. colourful rangoli adorned the entrance of principles and administrator’s offices, a sign to welcome people

Bonfire/ Bogi mantalu: People woke up before dawn and light bonfires famously known as Bogi Mantallu with wooden other solid fuels

Rev: Father Bhaskar Lit the bonfire as this ritual indicates that we discard old and derelict items which are no longer in use. It also emphasis on getting rid of our old self like anger, hatred etc and spread love and new beginning

Raithu Bazar: Sankranthi is known as the Harvest Festival of the farmers. The 10th class students conducted Raithu Bazar, they dressed as farmers and sold vegetables. By doing so they learnt how hard the farmers work and also learnt to respect them. Parents and teachers also involved in playing an important role by buying vegetables from them.

Charity Drive: Charity is the act of giving help to those in need, to help bridge the gap between people who are willing to aid the less fortunate in positions of necessity. The decision is made by the heart without expecting any reward in return the teachers of Don Bosco CBSE school organised stalls such as gamezone, Mehandi, fun zone, sports, Biryani, crazy games, traditional food items, ice cream zone, lottery zone, Manchuria, fancybazaar, Ariselu, mixed grain chat, water, cool drinks and vegetables stalls.

The parents and students had a fantastic time, the students were engaged in all the fun games as they played, they also visited the different food stalls along with their parents and enjoyed the lot of spicy delicious traditional food items and refresh themselves with ice creams and cool drinks. Everything was sold out like hot cakes.

                All thanks goes to our well esteemed and inspirational Rev: Fr. Bhaskar for the positive and enthusiastic leadership and his ability to energise and motivate all of his teachers, parents and students into making this charity drive a grand success.

“It’s not how much we give but how much we love to we put into giving no one has ever become poor by giving.”

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